Our atelier is a genuine showroom, the place in which Inseta’s ideas are created and developed. Here is where we welcome our customers for their full immersion in the company, and where we give them a first-hand experience of our latest collections. A great space for our great ideas.

The style of the atelier represents the way we are: basic, minimalist and linear. The black and white furnishings highlight the colour and creativity of the fabrics, so that they can be viewed and touched in the perfect setting in which to appreciate their refined quality.



Research plays a vital role in the creative process that is the foundation of our collections: the first idea for each new fabric comes from a need to  reinvent that which already exists, or to create from zero where there are gaps to be filled.

Our philosophy is to bring fabric to life through colour, shapes and volumes, created to satisfy the widest range of demands and needs. We make our creations unique to guarantee success to those clients who rely on the expertise and quality of Inseta.

Our commitment consists of providing an excellent, highly competitive service, always with regard to the product offered.